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Image by Christin Hume

Lake Art Salon

Look is yours, Art is mine

Lake Art Salon is a premier Salon in Kolkata, India. Since 1986, we’ve offered a wide range of services and products to give you the elegant and fabulous look that you deserve. Scroll on to book an appointment or enjoy our walk-in services.

Lake Art Salon is a different kind of salon company. A vibrant, welcoming space where you can feel completely at home. A collective of experienced professionals who are dedicated solely to you, so you can focus on conquering the world and feel beautiful doing it.

So join us, have a seat and relax, and we’ll take care of the rest. Welcome to our home.

Our Services

  • 30 min

    300 Indian rupees

  • 1 hr

    500 Indian rupees

  • 1 hr

    800 Indian rupees

Our Doors Are Open

We’re Waiting For You!

F-W: 9am-9pm

Strokes of Cream